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Founded in 2005, Alb- Sedia is one of the most important manufacturing and exporting companies affirmed domestically and internationally exporting unfinished chairs and tables, thanks to its commitment and high quality products. The company is well known for the quality of raw materials, the process these materials undergo and the punctuality and responsibility when it comes to the customers. Alb Sedia tends to treat their customers as partners rather than regular buyers..

Design of all chair models. A qualified staff is responsible of designing both modern and classic chairs.
There is a production line for various models. Products are manufactured in modern conditions.
3High Technology
The latest technology is used to offer the best wooden products. A modernized production line is used to satisfy the client’s needs.

Why should you choose Alb – Sedia?

Alb-Sedia always focuses on having a maximum quality in their products and building partnerships through these quality products.

Every section of our company is focused to reach the deadline of each client’s order, and in the same time it offers professional precision. 

Alb Sedia makes sure that every product is guaranteed and has an unlimited life span. 

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